Anna Exciting Affection APK ch2 v0.05 Android Game Download


Anna Exciting Affection APK Ch2 v0.05 Android Game Download

Free download of Anna Exciting Affection APK Android Game 2.0 – Download APK For Free Anna Exciting Affection is an Adlt Game for Android. This is a Visual Novel game called Anna Exciting Affection.
APK of Anna’s Exciting Affection You will take on the role of “Anna” and make life decisions for her as she discovers herself along the way. There will be a primary tale with multiple endings depending on your decisions, as well as numerous side tasks.

The plot revolves around Anna, a girl who has moved to a new city with her boyfriend but she is unable to live with him. The player will accompany Anna on her quest to uncover her dark, nasty side. As she discovers herself through her seual journey, you will be making decisions in her life. There will be a primary storyline with many results based on your decisions, as well as side quests that will grow in quantity as Anna progresses. The game is designed in such a way that the player does not need to accept all of the characters in order to get all of the scenes. If a player dislikes a particular character, he can avoid him by declining without losing scenes.

New in v2.0

Extended Jeremy’s scene (added renders to make it more interesting), 
Rebecca’s photoshoot (three separate scenes), Coffee shop with Rebecca (will lead to Ashley’s scene), 
Ashley’s cam show (with a surprise),
 Bar with Andrew (more like others),
 Friend behind the bar (had no choice but to include it), 
Fitzgerald’s scene (at the hotel), and a few smaller filler scenes.
This is one of the most significant updates I’ve ever made. It has around 400 renders and eight animations (Added new sound effects for some)

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Android

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