Being A DIK APK v0.7.0 Android Port VIsual Novel Game Download

Being A DIK APK v0.7.0 Android Port VIsual Novel Game Download

Being an Android DIK APK Port – A low-income young man goes away from his widowed father and his summer love to attend Burgmeister & Royce College. As he adjusts to freshman life and is convinced to join the up-and-coming fraternity Delta Iota Kappa, he will be thrust into a new world of fights, booze, drugs, and violence.


Episode 7 is now available, with 3722 renders, 836 GUI components, 34 2D-art pieces, 250 animations, 22 songs, and 21 sound effects.

– Any progress made in phone apps will be saved when the game is saved during free roam events. A issue that created a conflict when entering save names, pet names, and other inputs has been fixed.

– In the mansion mini-game, you can now subtract allocated experience points using the right mouse button.

– Any prohibited characters typed into your save name will be erased right away, preventing you from receiving a blank save name. In the mansion mini-game, the experience allocation now shows where you added percent for the current round.

– The fast menu will be hidden when the phone is in use and returned when the phone is closed. When the phone is in use, the save/load menu is hidden, and when the phone is closed, it is restored.

– Fixed an issue with autosaving that caused a lag increase during animation choices.

– Autosaving is now less frequent to reduce latency. – In the Preferences menu, you can disable Autosaving and thereby eliminate lag spikes. Shuffle had an unusual problem that was fixed.

– Instead of being a local save variable, the rapid travel option is now persistent.

– The volume of the intro splash screen has been reduced, and its sound level is now controlled by the SFX channel.

– To prioritise performance over power savings, make the power save option deactivated by default.

– Fixed an issue in Dungeons and Gremlins when playing a song for the bushes didn’t result in Moria coming.

– Fixed a problem with an unique render that caused Tommy to vanish for a brief while during episode 6’s first free-roam event.

– In the mansion mini-game, an issue with large text for a subset of job tasks was fixed.

— In episodes 1-6, typos were fixed.

– Fixed an issue where you may talk to Nick many times during the DIKs’ free-roam event in episode 6.

– In episode 6, there was a bug where Jill’s piano scene wouldn’t play if you sat with Sage and Quinn for lunch and weren’t Sage’s fuck buddy.

– In episode 3, there was a problem where Quinn’s text message would create an error if you typed in the wrong number.

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