Dreams of Reality APK [Chapter 1-3] Android Game Download


Dreams of Reality APK [Chapter 1-3] Android  Game Download

.– Based on true facts – Dreams of Reality APK Android Port Dreams of reality are going to make your way through life as a men’s protagonist. Trying to build a career in music and to support family life, things don’t always go your way. Your wife and daughter on your journey have their own dreams and aspirations that may not always match yours.
Only the support of friends and family will help you to get through when a tragic situation happens. But other forces are involved, and sometimes the choices you make can be expensive

New in chapter Ch. 3: Part One (v0.3.0)
  • Version 0.3.0 updated game (Chapter Three: Part One).
  • The Replay section has been updated to include all of the previous updates’ animations.
  • The options menu can be used to make the text bar translucent.
  • A variable that affects Danielle has been fixed.
  • The appearance of Louise near the end of ch22, even after you’ve split from her, has been fixed.
  • A minor issue with saving and then moving to the load screen has been resolved.
  • Fixed a number of types and text corrections.
  • Some changes to the user interface. Some items were updated.
  • Chapter breakdown:
  • Story: 26560 words
  • Rendered Images (Static): 907
  • Animations (time): 64 seconds
  • Animations (Rendered Frames):3840
  • Bonus images: 17
  • Lines of code: 5957

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