Fashion Business 3 APK [Episode 3 v4] Android Game Download


Fashion Business 3 APK [Episode 3 v4] Android  Game Download

Android Port of Fashion Business 3 APK – 
Monica is the focus of this game. Monica is referred to as a “Rich lady.” Monica is in charge. Monica, above all, craves power and the ability to command others, and she does things without tact or delicacy. If Monica were your boss, you’d almost certainly get fired. Without a doubt, everyone has met their own Monica! Participate in her opulent lifestyle. Monica is certain that her life will always be the same! What are your thoughts? If you suddenly arrive as a witness to her going more and further down the social ladder? What’s new is that
New in this version :

  • Biff: New casting.
  • Ralph: New animated scene with Betty and a new animated scene with Monica.
  • Photoshoots: new hot photoshoot with Monica.
  • VIP Escort: Linda’s casting and forming new relationships in the escort team (+bonus in the Extra version).
  • Victoria: Party at Melanie’s place with Stephanie and others (a lot of animations + bonus ones in the Extra version).
  • Slums: New animated scene with a client (+bonus in the Extra version).

Walkthrough :

Betty storyline : 

The next day after Betty sees her neighbour going to the gym to return her iron 🙂

Betty, a good housewife, goes to the market the next day after going to the gym to buy fresh fruit for her husband.
What will she encounter there, and what will follow? 😉
version 0.3
Ralph will approach Betty at night after she visits the neighbour.
Betty will reject him, and he will try again the following night. The scenario will be available twice a week if Betty rejects him again.
Following that, during one of Monica’s dates with Ralph, he would suggest that she try something new (animated scene). After you’ve completed all of Ralph’s actions, you’ll be allowed to play.
Julia storyline

Sunday afternoon Monica needs to chat to Julia in her apartment. Monica is in for a wonderful stroll through the park with Julia 🙂
version 0.4
Monica goes to meet Julia in evening after the park date and notices a stain on the floor (two animated scenes).
Victoria storyline
Julia will inform Monica that Victoria has called during one of the work days.
You must right-click Monica’s working desk and select “Work until evening.”
Monica will be required to attend a girls’ party at Victoria’s place later that evening. (extra Extreme Contrnt scenes)
version 0.3
Monica must return to the office two days after the bachelorette party at Victoria’s house with Stephanie and Rebecca and select the “Work until evening” option when clicking at her desk.
Stephanie and Victoria in Victoria’s apartment.
On a working day, go to the office. In the reports department, I had a meeting with Victoria.
When Monica returns to work the next day, Victoria will pay another visit to Monica’s office.

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