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​Android Port of Heart Problems APK – Iker lives with her uncle and family in Heart problems you control (your aunt-in-law and their daughters). He was no obvious explanation from his mother with them when he was 12. He hasn’t heard from her since that time.
After a semester he arrived at school and the storey unfolds from here.


Iker lives with her uncle and family in Heart problems you control (your aunt-in-law and their daughters). His mother abandoned him at the age of 12 with no reason, and he has not heard from her since.
He had just returned home after a semester in college, and the storey begins here.

cardiac trouble is the name of the game. Slamet is spotted visiting his aunt’s residence late at night in the first scenario. Slamet knocks on the door, and when the aunt opens the door to see him, she smiles. They hugged each other and let go of their homesickness. The aunt then let her in, and the entrance of the slamet astonished her two daughters. hmmm, you’re so lucky, Slamet.
has a beautiful and cute aunt Likewise with his son. who doesn’t feel at home living in that house.

Then the aunt of Amel brought Slmet to her room. Behind him, Slamet gazed at Aunt Amel with a lustful look. basic. Nephew doesn’t know himself to see the aunt herself isn’t so good, after Slamet Aunt Amel had been delivered, he left then. I skipped a lot of parts in this scenario. Based on the desired slamet Slamet slept after she had arranged the clothes. Aunt Amel wakes Slamet up in the morning. During the slamet shower, slametpun rushed into the bathroom well. Aunt Amel came into the bathroom as Slamet did not lock the door due to carelessness.
Aunt Amel then excused and came out of Slamet. Slamet saw Aunt Amel clean and clean after taking a shower. Then Slamet helped clean Aunt Amel. Although the intention of Slamet was to only watch his aunt. Finished clean, looks relaxing in the television room, aunt amel. Slamet then called the morning aunt to jog. So that the body is safe from diseases and viruses and healthy. Well, the noon looks already, uncle Erkut came and he met Aunt Amel. But his uncle Erkut went right into the room, Tantel Amel had been ignored. Slamet also approached Aunt Amel and said it would be easy, all would be all right. Although you will soon be mine in Slamet’s heart. The Good
next day, when Slamet went to Aunt Amel’s room. seen Aunt Amel trying on clothes to attract Uncle Erkut. here Slamet was aroused to see his aunt like that.

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