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Lust Academy apk

Lust Academy APK Android port – You play as a normal 18 y.o. the guy who’s life is about to change forever! You’ll find out about the whole world full of magic and adventure that awaits you at Cordale – the oldest academy of magic and wizardry in the New World. The most important thing: don’t forget to get to know other students and teachers! We’re sure you’ll find most of them… charming!​


– NEW: Android version (hope it works fine)

– Fixed prologue mini game crashes

– Fixed problem with Sama’s room in the prologue

– Fixed “Memory run” problem

– Fixed some typos and logic problems

– Fixed other small errors and bugs

Lust Academy

Lust Academy

Lust Academy

Developer: Bear in the NightC

Censored No

Version: 2.1g

Language: English

Editor’s Rating

Story – 94%

Visual – 96%

Engagement – 95%

Core Loop – 95%


out off 100%

A very short first chapter but I could not be more pleasantly surprised.

With regards to the animation, it gives off very heavy Echoes of Lust vibes in terms of the level of fluidity and even some Treasures of Nadia with the camera angles. I was definitely not expecting like that right out of the gate. The renders are also very easy on the eyes. Haley and Samantha are two definitely very pleasing characters. The skin textures are also fairly realistic. And has been mentioned, the Harry Potter vibe is rather strong with the premise so I am excited to see how the game progresses

This game looks extremely good so far. It probably has the best animations among Ren’Py games that I’ve seen. The story is quite unique with a Harry Potter vibe for now.

“This game can be whatever it want.” I apologies for this compromised Thanos quote, but I guess it is the best description for this game so far. This is promising and terrifying at the same time. It is obvious that the game was inspired by the Harry Potter universe, without being another HP-Game. And i really like it

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