Roblox Arsenal Controls –

Roblox Arsenal Controls

Last Updated on 22 March, 2022

Roblox Arsenal Controls – All controls and keybinds for PC gamers of Rolve’s Roblox shooter, along with some extra tips

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Roblox Arsenal Controls – PC Keybinds

These are all the available controls and keybinds for PC players

  • W: Move forward
  • A: Move left
  • S: Mve backward
  • D: Move right
  • Y: Opens Chat
  • U: Opens Team chat
  • Mouse left button: Fire
  • Mouse Wheel: Change weapon
  • Tab: Shows leaderboard
  • R: Reload
  • 1,2,3..: Equip & unequip Tools
  • Backspace: Drop Tool
  • Left Mouse button: Use tool
  • Print Screen: Screenshot
  • F12: Record Video
  • F9: Dev Console
  • Shift: Mouselock
  • F10: Graphics Level
  • F11: Full Screen
  • Ctrl + Shift + F7: Perf Stats
  • Right mouse button: Rotate Camera
  • Mouse wheel: Zoom In/ Out
  • I: Zoom In
  • O: Zoom Out
  • Esc: Roblox menu
  • º: Backpack

In case you have any questions, or the controls change in the future, you can check them in-game. You just have to start hugging, press Esc, and go to the Help tab. There you will see all the controls currently available in the Rolve game

Change Crosshair

In the menu at the top right corner there’s an icon that looks like a crosshair and you change it there

Run Super Fast

Check out this video guide from SirSkittles to learn how to do the Bhop and be able to run or move much faster around the map and surprise your rivals

About Roblox Arsenal

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Conquer the day in fast paced arcade gameplay, from bazookas to spell books, each weapon will keep you guessing on what’s next!

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ROLVe is a development team formed in 2013 making games on ROBLOX. A collaborative effort is constantly made when we make games. Our goal is to effectively satisfy all fans and consumers of our games so that everyone can have as much fun as possible.

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