Summertime Saga 0.20.13 Pre tech update APK



Summertime Saga 0.20.13 pre tech update APK 




Currently in development and available under Windows, Mac, Linux & Android, Summertime Saga’s high quality dating sim game.
Become a student in Summertime Saga’s spicy visual novel. The storey starts when the father of your protagonist dies. That means, of course, that you and your family are transferred his debt to the Mafia.
Summertime Saga doesn’t follow a strictly linear development so when you choose and interact with all the characters you meet, you are free to visit any part of the city. But remember that only three events per day can be accomplished. You must go to sleep and start a new day after that.
Your character has a range of features which can be developed slowly while you take part in various events. Improve your charisma, for example, by competing in rap battles, or by going to the gym, etc.
One of Summertime Saga’s most interesting elements is that many characters are connected to a romantic set, just like other visual romances. Learn more and more interesting information about the backstories of the characters as you better learn them.
Take a Summertime Saga adventure. You will enjoy a fun (and sometimes risky) storey, a lot of subplots and strikingly good graphics.





Game Information
Package Name :
License : Free
Category : Game
Language : English 43 more
Author: Kompas
Date : Feb 19th, 2022

Download for Windows

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Summertime Saga Tips and Tricks :
Whether you want to add to your data, earn more money or try to decide what to do first, check out our guidelines for all that Summertime Saga needs to achieve.
Not only is one of your key overall goals to save college money, you must also earn funds to fill tonnes of search lines in the game.
You often have to buy a gift of a friend or item you might need to pay a few hundred dollars to move the storey further.
As a bonus, playing mini-games to make money, you can search for more characters.
Next Update : Tech Update
1- Wide screen 
2- Map changes in tech update:


The image above shows what I’ve been working on during daily streams (for those who haven’t watched). The tech update changes the game widescreen ratio which opens up room for additional locations on the minimap. 
We’ve added:
3 homes
Arcade and Bowling hall
Expanded trailer park and forest area
In contrast with the very first minimap (0.01), things have changed a lot! Most locations were not even accessible .^-^
I will be streaming all week for future update content, so tune in! 


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