Summertime Saga Debbie – Route & Walkthrough


Summertime Saga Debbie –Walkthrough / Storyline 


150$ and also need Charisma 5 to 7

Walkthrough – 

1- Helping Debbie

  • Go downstairs and find Debbie talking on the phone, she has money problems.
  • Next day go to downstairs and Debbie will ask you for help (lawn). First try to use the mover, then buy a gas tank from mall. Fill the machine and do your work. When you finished it, go with your dirty clothes to the basement.
  • The next day go downstairs and open the door to a man, and the day after meet Debbie and Mrs Johnson outside.
  • Next day meet Debbie in the entrance, you have to fix a pipe in the shower. Go there, then close the valve in the basement, and come back. Finally, buy a wrench from Mall and fix the pipe (shower).
  • Next day spy Debbie (in bathroom – shower), and the day after, go to the house front.
  • The next day go to the entrance and help Debbie with the cleaning the house. And the day after, in the morning, wash dishes in the kitchen. next day, with the laundry in the basement, but give her the lotion (from her dresser), to give her a massage

Endings – Debbie’s route story

  • Next day open the dresser (Debbie’s bedroom), get the underwear, and interact with the bed. Wait untill the evening, go to the entrance, watch TV with Debbie and have another massage.
  • Next day go to the entrance, then to the garage, and finally to the mall with her. Go to Cupid (in mall), offer her a necklace,📿 and join her in the dressing room, she will teach you about kiss.😍😘
  • The Next day, go to Debbie’s bedroom, and the day after, in the kitchen ask her to teach you to 😘
  • Next day go to the shower when Debbie is taking bath.
  • Next day go to the entrance, and then to the garage. Go to the dealership and make the insurance claim. It’s quite expensive, but with charisma 7 is free.
  • The Next day go to Debbie’s dresser, take the panties, and interact with the bed, when se ask you, tell her you like her, and she will give you a hand in the night.
  • Next day go outside, protect Debbie and unlock another shower scene next day go to the hallway, meet Debbie and follow her to her bedroom for more scenes
  • The day after spy Debbie talking with Diane in the kitchen, then try to sleep, but finally meet her in the living room for more scenes
  • Next day, after you go bed to sleep, wake up and go to the pool. Take the towel from the shower, warm up Debbie and unlock more scenes
  • Next day read the note in your computer, take the laundry basket (Debbie’s bedroom), go to the basement, and enjoy more scenes

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