Summertime Saga Diane – Route & Walkthrough


Summertime Saga               Diane Walkthrough                               


$400 , a library subscription  and also Strength 2 

Working in the Garden – Diane’s route

  • Go to Diane’s house > Diane’s garden > Diane’s shovel is broken, so take your shovel from your garage. Then assist her in the garden, maintaining cucumbers, eggplants, carrots, and maize while removing insects.
  • Return to her garden after three days, and after she has given you the delivery, follow Maria to the storage chamber, then return to the garden.
  • Wait three days and return to her garden; you must lift the wheelbarrow and clean it.
  • Go to the garden the next day, take Diane to her room, and get her a drink of water (kitchen)
  • Go to Diane’s house the next day and tidy her garden, removing everything, before going to her bedroom. You must purchase the Bug Annihilator Spray (available in Consum-R) and clean the garden once more.
  • Go to Diane’s house the next day, go to the kitchen, and take what you need from the garden.
  • Talk to Diane in the garden the next day and offer her the tool she requires (in the kitchen).

Delivery guy – Diane’s route

  • Visit Diane after 3 days, remove the milk cartons (in shed) and deliver them to Lucy (Annie’s mother), and leave the money in Diane’s bedroom.
  • Wait two days and go to Diane’s garden, then meet Debbie in your house in the evening and give the pie to Diane, who is hiding in the shed.
  • Go to Diane’s garden the next day and help her. Use the milk pump on the storage jug in the shed. Then mix her a cocktail using the recipe in the kitchen. After that, go to the garden and apply sunscreen on her back (cupboard)
  • Meet Diane in the garden the next day.
  • Go to the garden after two days and then to the shed for a scene. If you return to the shed later in the evening, you will see a different scenario.
  • Next day, keep an eye out for Diane and Debbie in the kitchen.
  • Meet Diane the next day, and she’ll ask you to make another delivery. The milk cartons are in the shed; then, return with Diane to the School > Principal Smith’s office > cafeteria.

Living Together – Diane’s route

  • The next day buy a sea trout (Pier) and go to the kitchen
  • The next day Diane ask you for help, she needs to build a barn. Go to Annie’s house, require the carpenter, take the hammer and the handsaw, finish your job and go back with Diane
  • After 1 week, go to the kitchen, and then to the barn, where Richard gives you a part of a statue. Buy a milk jug (in Mall), talk to Jane at the library and take the Breeder guide, finally give everything to Diane
  • After 2 days, in the evening, go to the living room, then to your bed.
  • Next day, go to the kitchen, then to the barn, go to the clinic. In the bathroom (2nd floor) you have an optional scene, then go back to the home entrance and talk to Diane.
  • After 2 days meet Diane, go to the Pink store, take Ivy’s package, and give it to her. Be carefull in this step, don’t make her pregnant

Summertime Saga Diane – Bonus Scene

You have an optional scene with Diane & Debbie, but it requires having reached high levels of intimacy during Debbie‘s route

Go to the landslady’s bedroom in the evening, after a discussion go back to your bedroom, accept Debbie’s invitation, and finally go to the kitchen next morning

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