Summertime Saga Jenny – Route & Walkthrough



  • Intelligence 5 and also Strenght 7
  • Money: At least $2,060
  • A working computer

Summertime Saga Jenny – Walkthrough

Step First – Jenny’s route

  • Spy Jenny in the morning when she has a shower.
  • Talk about her financial problem the next day afternoon, go downstairs and spy on her.
  • Have a breakfast with her and wait 2 days.
  • Wait twice, go up the lobby and give her $100 silence.
  • Take a breakfast with her after 3 days.
  • You can look at the photos if you pay her next day (Morning) and you can find her (bed), read it and try stealing her slippers.
  • Hold your breakfast 3 days, agree to be hot and follow her to her room.
  • She will arrive in your room after 2 days. Then go to the Hillside Center > Pink, buy her the toy that she needs. Give her that (afternoon)
  • Wait 2 days and Jenny and Debbie talk in the kitchen, the answer is up to you Near the next day you meet Jenny on the doorstep.
  • Next day, when she is on the shower, read Jenny Journal and go into her room, check on her laptop (pass: Bad Monster), and open CAMslt. Make the same thing on your computer and enjoy your videos.
  • You can purchase the green dildo at Pink after 3 days and give it to Jenny in the afternoon.
  • You’ll get a new video next day
  • Following 2 days, Jenny will meet in the dining room (morning), discuss Jenny at the gym with Cedric, and then talk to Jenny.
  • Three days later, in the evening, leave your bedroom with the telescope to find Jenny Nex day (morning). Wait until afternoon and get into her bedroom. Check out the replica of Pink Cyclone mask, then go to Cosmic Cumics (mall). Go to the bedroom of Jenny

Scenes – Jenny’s route

  • Go into Jenny’s room next day (afternoon), and meet Jenny the day after, in the morning, in the dining area.
  • Jenny finds him in the living room after 2 days, in the evening. Enjoy the scene, and Pink Channel has also been released on the TV (user: L6BV12R, pass: 12345)
  • Jenny wakes you up the next day and you go to her dormitory for more scenes in the afternoon.
  • Meet her at breakfast the following day.
  • Use the telescope to inspire Jenny again next day
  • Go to the dining room the next day to greet her. In the attic is the old cheerleader, in the entrance the small key, in the garage stool. You can’t open (hallway) the trapdoor and give it all she needs. But don’t make her pregnant, be careful
  • Go to the entrance, then to the backyard Saturday and use the tickets in the afternoon to meet Jenny at the movies and wait for another scene till night.
  • The next day, jenny is in the kitchen and you have more shower scenes
  • Wait 3 days in the corridor and talk to Jenny (morning)
  • Read her diary the next day, buy her a collar (Mall > Cupid) and wait for more scenes the night.

Summertime Saga Jenny – Bonus Scenes

  • Breakfast: Meet her next day, in the morning, for breakfast
  • Jenny’s Bedroom: Go to her bedroom for more scenes
  • Pool: Saturday morning find her at the pool for more scenes.

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