Summertime Saga Ms Bissette – Route & Walkthrough


Summertime Saga Ms Bissette 


  • Strength 2 at least
  • Money: at least $500
  • The master key: Principal Smith’s office
  • A working computer and also a library subscription

Summertime Saga Ms Bissette – Walkthrough

French Dictionary – Ms Bissette’s route

  • Go to school > French class and request private tutoring from Ms Bissette. A French dictionary must be found.
  • Tell the library Jane but tell her the dictionary when she gives you ripped pages and tell Ms Bissette the same thing
  • Talk to Judith’s dictionary (left hallway). Go to the computer laboratory, try to print and ask for assistance in June. Return it to Judith and go to the French class if you print the dictionary.

Homework I – Ms Bissette’s route

  • Go to the French course and Mrs Bissette’s homework will give you. Go to the library and get the book you need, but Jane will expect you to return three books:
  • Erik: Look for the book under his bed.
  • Martinez: Follow Martinez to the boys locker room, then open her backpack and take the book.
  • Dexter: In the afternoon, he’s at the basketball court. Then proceed to the right corridor, open the battered locker, and take the book. The key you require can be found in Principal Smith’s office.
  • Give the three books to Jane (the library), and she will give you the book you require; then, go home and complete your homework.
  • Go to French next day and wait for your first prize

Homework II – Ms Bissette’s route

    • Go meet Ms. Bissete next day, who’s going to ask for a poem from you. Go to the library to speak to Jane, but until afternoon Mia appears and talks to her. The French Romantic book is in the backroom of the library, take it to your house.
    • Go to the computer lab next day, print and give Ms Bissette your poems.

Final Scene – Ms Bissette’s route

  • Next night go to the office of Mrs Bissette (3rd floor)
  • The following day, meet and talk to Roxxy. She wants her father poms, so in the morning go and take them from her locker to Bridget’s office. Give Roxxy a pom poms and offer her the assistance of Jenny in the locker. Go home, pay jenny $500 and talk to Roxxy. Go home.
  • The next evening the cheerleader will be welcomed downstairs
  • Talk to Mrs Bissette the next day at night
  • And finally, one day after, you can join Ms Bissette on the ground to take a quiz (bike – cheese – lips).

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