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In The Office Wife, you play as Stacy Jones, who is newly married and working at a standard office job. When you hold a mystery totem or talisman, though, your life begins to change dramatically. You’re soon wearing less and less to work and indulging not only your new hubby, but just about any male who wants to partake, as you’re consumed by desires and impulses you’ve never felt before.

Updated: 2021-05-14

Release Date: 2020-01-27

Developer: J. S. Deacon Patreon

Version: 0.70

OS: Windows, Android

Language: English


v0.70 Public

I was going to wait until the next big release to some of the bug fixes I’ve made, but the current bugs are cropping up too often, are game-breaking, and create a poor user experience. So, I decided to do this interim bug-fix release. There is no new content in this release, so if you have played through the latest release without issue, then it is unnecessary to download this one.

What’s fixed? Several bugs have been fixed, including one where Stacy couldn’t activate “My Desk”, one where Stacy would get stuck in the house because she couldn’t find her underwear to the photo shoot (meaning the photo shoot scene had not completed due to the bug) and several other smaller ones.

Also, you’ll find some of the early gameplay changes I’ve made for the next release to help reduce some of the tediousness of the early game. This includes long-requested reduced dream sequences and truncated warehouse scenes where it was just a repeating event. That said, while I think I have worked out most of the kinks in the new warehouse sequences, I may still have missed something. If you spot anything weird (like a wrong outfit), let me know! I have also added some additional scenes to the gallery, which is still far from complete.


The first day and the everyday routine
The first several days are very identical, and here is the first day’s routine:

Get dressed at home > look for bright areas > Automobile (to job)
Upstairs: Your Desk / Jason / Michael / Jim (warehouse – bricks building) (Morning)
David’s warehouse (Afternoon)
Basement: Zack / Gym (Evening)
Lunch: O’Shannon’s Chi-and Chi’s Antonelli’s are located just down the street.
The stairwell in front of the office is a subway station.
Talk to Jason at home > Sleep
Now that you’ve completed your first enchantment, follow the same basic procedure for the next 18 enchantments, with a few exceptions.

Walkthrough of The Office Wife – 2nd to 11th 

2nd enchantment – Evening: gym workout + shower

3rd enchantment – Doctor Kelly’s in the morning, Stevie’s in the afternoon

4th enchantment – Morning: see Jason + kiss him more passionately / Afternoon: work with Stevie / Night: speak with Jason

 5th enchantment – Work with Stevie in the afternoon

Morning: 6th enchantment: Doctor Kelly’s 

7th enchantment: visit Jason + allow him to continue

The eighth enchantment – Afternoon: gym workout + shower

9th enchantment – Morning: visit Jason + let him continue / Night: talk to Jason

 10th enchantment – Morning: Jim + work with Marcus + talk to Nate + Lunch at O’shannon + sit with Andy

 11th enchantment – Morning: Jim + work with Marcus + talk to Nate + Lunch at O’shannon + sit with Andy — Morning: Jess, let’s talk

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