Treasure of Nadia APK v91073 Android Port Game Download


      Treasure of Nadia APK v91073 Android

 Port Game Download

Developer: NLT Media Patreon 

Release Date: 2021-03-15

Censored: No

Version: 91073

OS: Windows, Android

Language: English

Voices: English

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Since Sofia Vesper, the world’s richest treasure seeker, purchased a mansion in Cape Vedra, the town has become a mecca for treasure hunters. What mysteries are awaiting your discovery?
Treasure of Nadia is an  adventure game in which you will encounter 12 beautiful women as you go through hidden tunnels and jungles in search of relics in order to build a name for yourself in the world of treasure hunting.

03111V (1/2)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions > Diana is someone you should meet (Library)
  • Go to Estero Key, then Home, then Estero Park to obtain the Stone Talisman, which you must then deliver to Diana.
  • You can now collect talismans (park) to get money.
  • Talk to Albert at the lighthouse, then head to Full Mast Bar for some liquor (Dark Rum)
  • Bar: Pick up the key (left), then go to Janet’s house to get the ID. You’ll need the key (bar) to open the 2nd floor door, then look for the key in the middle of the room. Give the id to Tasha when you get it (bar)
  • Give the Dark Rum to Albert (the lighthouse) in exchange for the binoculars.
  • To get 1 Naomi’s heart, use the binoculars on the beach and then again at Estero Key
  • In Cape Vedra, meet the girls, then visit the doctor’s office (speak to the administration), the church, and the Squallmart.
  • After selling the talismans to Diana, go to the parlour for a massage ($30).
  • Look around Estero Park for more talismans.
03111V (2/2)
  • Speak with Sophia (Mansion)
  • Inquire with Janet about Sophia (Janet’s home).
  • Take the empty bottle from Kaley’s room after interacting with the window and using the binoculars.
  • To receive the Unknown treasure, speak with Alia (Estero Key) twice.
  • Show Diana the Talisman, then return with Alia to receive 1 Alia’s Soul
  • To obtain the chest key, follow these steps: There is another one page to gather in Estero Park > Left.
  • Speak with Ash (Squallmart)
  • Purchase the basic pathway ($10), basic fence ($30), and garden flowers ($20) and instal them in your home before calling Alia.
  • Purchase a $60 book from SquallMart and study it.
  • Find and give Pricia the Jade Talisman (Estero Park) (Parlor)
  • Alia needs a new dress (Store)

  • Follow the two people (left) to Estero Park, then walk upstairs and take the chest key.
  • The Small Screwdriver can be found in the cave to the east of the park.
  • Purchase health insurance ($60 from SqualMart) and hand it over to the administrator (Doctor’s office).
  • Get out there and speak with Ash.
  • Go to Janet’s house, wait for her to leave, then enter, climb the stairs, use the toilet, and enjoy (+1 Kaley’s heart).
  • With the screwdriver, open Janet’s bedroom door and retrieve the ero*tic book.
  • Ask Diana about the book at the library.
  • Take the book “A Sinful Affair,” go outside, and present it to Naomi.
  • Naomi (+1 heart) will like the cocktail “S*x on the Beach” (Full Mast Bar).
  • Visit the church.
  • take the church key, open the chest, and take the page
  • Give the key to Ash and get the photo
  • Buy an outfit ($400) for Naomi
  • Also buy garden plants ($200)
  • Call Alia (requires 5%)
  • Take the Shovel Shaft from Alia (Estero Park) (left)
  • Take a walk with Clare into the cave and take in the sights.
  • You can now use the native shrine to make offerings and try to get better stuff in return.
  • Speak with Emily (Squallmart) and purchase Shiovel Head ($80).
  • Take the money (man) and the shovel handle to the Parlor > Backyard.
  • Give Emily the money (+1 heart).
  • Speak with Diana (library) and Ash (one photo costs $250).
  • If you reject the girl on the beach’s proposition, sell the Stone Talisman for $900.
  • Diana requires a powerful magnet in the doctor’s office.
  • Take the MRI Room Key (inside), the chest key, and the high powered magnet by clicking on the bird (parking) (left room)

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